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We offer medically accurate information concerning infection and treatment available to help combat infection. Make sure you and your loved ones are safe from potential diseases through vaccinations. We also have health forum which you can use to share and seek out advice and you can also keep up to date on current news concerning infections.

Infections facts

Wherever we live, at some point in our life, we all get infections -whether it’s flu or cold.

Infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi that can be transmitted in many ways, for example by air, contact or food. Here you’ll get accurate information to help you.

Blood problems

On average, the human body contains five liters of blood, and your red blood cells are replaced every 4months.

Blood diseases can range from simple anemia, which is common, to rare disorders that affect only a few. You can use this section to find out more.

All health services

Get expert advice on all aspects of the different health services offered by Dr Be Show. You will find all the latest information here. Take a look inside and find out more.

Sport and fitness

Making sure your lifestyle contains enough exercise is an excellent way to make sure you stay in shape and are healthy. Numerous studies state that the more exercise you take, the healthier your body becomes. We show you the basic ways to get started in a fitness regime. Should you get an ache or injury Dr Be Show can give you handy advice to help you on the road to recovery. Our discussion form also allows you to share your experiences and learn from other sport and exercise enthusiasts.

Sports and fitness facts

Reasons not to exercise

Exercise isn’t always the best thing for us. However, we are surrounded by advice that we need to keep fit. We look at few reasons why sometimes it’s best to just relax.


Diabetes mellitus is a long-standing condition affecting all parts of a human body and is increasing in our population. We provide advice on how to change your lifestyle to make you more responsible for your diet and sugar intakes. We also advise you on the medical options you have as options to help you maintain a normal life. You can also find support from diabetic associations in Ethiopia. We will offer you contact list and the peer group discussions which has the thoughts and support from others who have diabetes.


Shortness of breath is very stressful and tiresome. We discuss causes and treatment options for diseases and conditions concerning the lungs. We have related issues concerning smoking addiction and cancer. Our medical team have recorded possible medical and surgical treatment options for you to consider if you feel sick, we can offer support.

Lungs facts

In this section you can find out about lung cancer – the most common form of cancer in the world.   There are also facts on everyday complaints relating to your lungs, as well as long-term conditions, including TB.

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